Al Green

Good Evening on this Monday! How is everyone doing? I hope to find each of you doing well. I’m sure you can tell by the title of my blog post that I recently saw a documentary on Al Green. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Al Green, he is a famous rhythm and blues singer with a voice that is both soulful and unique. He’s been nominated for numerous awards, has won numerous awards and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame thanks to that amazing voice his. Keep reading because I’m going to post one of my favorite songs by Al Green in the end…

Al Green 1

If you are a part of the Black community, you also know something else that Al Green is known for. Hot Grits. Yes, you read right. You see, Al Green was a very handsome man who had plenty of women after him. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian you name it. He had women that wanted him and wanted him badly. Despite his great success as an amazing soulful singer and artist, many within the Black community can’t help but to also think of hot grits when you mention Al Green’s name. Why? Because his girlfriend at the time, Mary Woodson, poured hot grits on him because he refused to marry her. All of this took place on October 18, 1974 at Al Green’s Memphis, Tennessee home.

Al Green

The incident left him with severe burns and it affected him emotionally, mentally and of course physically. To make matters worse, after Mary poured hot grits on him, she went to another room in Al Green’s house and committed suicide. How sad. It’s bad enough he suffered severe burns on his body and had to be hospitalized for months to recover, but he also had to deal with the suicide of a woman he once dated. To me, that is beyond tragic.

Al shooting

After the incident, Al Green stated that he struggled with the incident and contemplated walking away from music entirely because he blamed himself for the incident and Mary Woodson’s suicide. Since the incident, Al Green went on to make many more hits and solidified himself as one of the world’s greatest soul singers. Nowadays, Al Green spends very little time touring and quietly resides in Memphis, Tennessee. He no longer prefers the spotlight that garnered him much fame and made him millions of dollars over the years. Click here for one of my favorite Al Green songs.

Al Green 2

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