Neffie’s Grip

Getting a well-respected Book Blogger to review your book can be a tedious process. Why? Because they are bombarded with book review requests daily. Some Book Bloggers get review requests from both published and self-published authors which is why many are understandably super busy.

If you happen to get just one well-respected Book Blogger to agree to review your book, you’ve made some good headway in getting more readers introduced to both you as an author and your book(s). I received an email back from one of them yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I saw the following message yesterday morning:

You have no idea how that email made me feel. Neffie is a representation of all the strong women who came before me and I wanted to tell her story. To see readers become enamored with her is a very rewarding feeling. And yes, I will be sharing my interview and guest post when the time comes.

Neffie, you sure know how to hold onto a reader and just think, this is only the first novel series. As The Chronicles of Neffie ebook continues to remain in several top 100 categories on Amazon, my heart continues to overflow with joy. Saturday she was at #2 again in one category in ebooks and last night she was at #5. The ebook sales have been great!

When it comes to Neffie, you can’t help but to love her and maybe even hate her a little, yet her strength, honesty and courage is something to admire. I was asked if I would have an artistic portrait made of her since a lot of readers want to know what she may have looked like. Who knows? I just might. I just might…

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