Every Author Loves This

Comments from readers that is. Whether it is through email, a review or even a comment on one of our social media sites, reader comments are always welcomed. I had another one today that I thought I would share with you. A reader commented how she heard about The Chronicles of Neffie and she is now reading it. Like most readers who have already read it, Neffie is a spit fire and her character is tripping readers out!

My goal before the end of June is to have The Chronicles of Neffie at #1 in at least one ebook category. I’ve been coming really close, the closest I’ve ever been is #2 on Amazon. As I mentioned before, I’m pushing my ebook for The Chronicles of Neffie first and the sales have been great. However, I’m pushing for even more. Neffie, we can get to #1 in at least one category before the end of June. C’mon girl, we can do it!

Readers, this author always welcomes your comments and reviews. The more the better. Keep them coming!

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