Kanye West

Twitter erupted last week after rapper Kanye West’s controversial comments on slavery. Needless to say, after being “schooled” he began to change his tune a little in regards to such a hurtful and ignorant statement. It hurt many in the Black community because as a Black person himself, Kanye should’ve known better. If his ancestors were alive, they would be hurt and disappointed by his words considering how much they suffered.

After emotions simmered down, Black people, as usual, took something that was hurtful and spinned it into something humorous to combat the anger and pain. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. Does that statement sound familiar? Here are a few responses that I saw this past week where Black people took real life scenarios that happened during slavery and added a bit of humor and sarcasm to respond to Kanye West.

Make sure your sound is on when you click here, here and here for bonus Instagram skits regarding #ifslaverywasachoice. Until next time…

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