Over a Drink

I’m about to blog about some shameful foolishness. Are you ready? Of course you are because you know I’m going to post a link to the article. Let’s do this!

A Staten Island woman between the age of 18-25 threw a wild tantrum in a fast food restaurant. Why? Because her Popeye’s meal didn’t come with a drink! What kind of foolishness is that? Soooooooo because you didn’t have enough money to get a combo with a drink you smash a chair through a window?! Whose fault is that?

If that’s all you had enough money for you should’ve taken it! Look for a vending machine and get yourself a canned soda or pay 25¢ for some water! Some fast food restaurants will give you water for free! You think you’re the only one who didn’t have enough money for a meal at one point in time?! You can’t have it your way all the time and not every restaurant is going to give you something for FREE!

I hope they find this sorry excuse of a woman who flipped out because her meal didn’t come with a drink. Outrageous!

When they find her, she’ll be out more than $4 and some change by the time they’re finished with her. How foolish to react in such a way just because your meal didn’t come with a drink! Now you’re gonna have to pay more than that when they find you. Read this foolishness my cousin sent me here.

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