Anticipation and Preparation

Greetings and Hellooooooo to you all! I hope that you have been doing well. To my fellow writers, how’s that book coming along? To my fellow poets, how’s that book of poetry coming along? I hope that it’s going well for you.

As I anticipate the coming of June, I’m preparing like never before. I’m not going to allow anyone or anything stand in my way because the momentum is beginning to pick up behind the scenes. You have no idea how rewarding and humbling that makes me feel. I worked hard to get to this point and I won’t stop now.

When you are given a chance to really shine not once, but twice, you want to give it your best shot and that is what I’m anticipating and preparing for. I have my family and friends behind me and they are rooting me on! June, I’m ready for you and so much more that is in store. As my beloved mother and beloved late father would often say, LET’S ROCK AND ROLL!!!

I want to take this time to wish you all well and I can’t stress to you the importance of NEVER giving up. Treat people right, live your best life and don’t be afraid to work hard to accomplish your dreams. In time, the good things you deserve will come to you, but YOU have to trust and believe IT will during the whole process.

Until next time…

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