Michelle Thomas

If you grew up during the 90’s era like I did and are familiar with the original TGIF lineup, then you most likely know who Michelle Thomas was. For those of you who never heard of her, let me tell you a little bit about her since I recently saw a documentary on her.

Michelle Thomas was on the very popular TGIF sitcom Family Matters that aired on ABC. She played Steve Urkel’s ditzy, lovestruck girlfriend Myra Monkhouse who was just as clumsy as he was. Myra was often seen as a nuisance by Laura, Steve Urkel’s crush, but towards the end they started to get along. Although her character was an “airhead“, millions of household audiences loved her.

I always liked the theme song of Family Matters which you can listen to here. Let me go ahead and warn you, the song is catchy.

Because she was so tiny, Michelle had to wear heels in every episode because everyone towered over her. I was surprised to learn on her documentary that she dated Malcolm Jamaal Warner who played Theo on The Cosby Show. Almost every Black girl I knew had a crush on him and I was one of them LOL!

According to her friends and family, Michelle was as silly as her character Myra in real life. You can watch her here to see a brief clip of her in action.

As beautiful, funny and talented as she was, Michelle unfortunately passed away from a rare form of abdominal cancer in 1998 at the age of 30. Michelle left an impressionable mark on millions of people and even now, almost 20 years later, she is still bringing smiles and laughter to millions of people all across the world!

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  1. I totally remember Michelle Thomas she was a beautiful person and actress you are the second person to remember her. Young and talented gone to soon . Great job Miss. Anita

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