Just Like Auntie

Instead of blogging about books and poetry tonight, I’m going to blog briefly about my youngest buddy and my first Great nephew, Bryson! Those of you who have been following my blog for some time now know how much I love my family. The love I have for them is unmeasurable, the love I have for them is endless. I often find myself tearing up when looking at baby pictures of them because they were precious then and they are still precious now. Whenever we hug, I have to find it within myself to let them go because I could hug them forever. I don’t want to let them go…


I received a picture of my Great nephew recently and I chuckled and teared up at the same time. Why? Because he is as bow-legged as I am. I’m the only bow-legged one in my family and to see him standing bow-legged gave me a chuckle while tugging at my heart. With his jet black hair and chunks of soft plush curls, he is the cutest boy ever. My oldest niece, his mother, is constantly being stopped because of his beautiful facial features, long curly eyelashes and plush chunks of jet black curls. And that voice? Oh my goodness!


Check him out with that missing sock LOL! I’m one proud Auntie and Great Auntie. Can’t you tell?

Until next time…

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