Siblings Day!

I always miss out on Siblings Day and I just remembered a few minutes ago that it was today. With that being said, you know I had to make a post about my siblings!

I have two of the BEST older sisters anyone could ask for. From having my back when I was an itty-bitty thing to saving me from spankings and whippings LOL! And how can I forget all the goodies they would bring me, sneak me or buy me. Yes, my older sisters spoiled me to an extent, but that doesn’t go without saying that they wouldn’t hesitate to “check me” when I’m wrong or out of line. That’s what siblings do and to me, that’s L.O.V.E.

To my one and only baby brother who is several states away, I’m proud of you. In fact, as one of his older / bigger sisters, my brother has taught me the value and importance of patience. People tell my brother all the time that he’s the most mellow person they’ve ever met and it’s so true! My brother rarely gets upset and that is what me and my two older sisters admire about him the most. He has always been that way, even as a child. Sometimes an older sibling can learn a lot from a younger sibling…

Even though he got us in trouble quite often because he was the “baby” and the only boy, he kept us on our toes and made our lives all the more fun. He was always up to something and no matter what it was, we knew in the end we would get a good laugh out of it. We have the best brother ever!

Yes, Anita has awesome siblings and I wouldn’t trade them for nothing!

Until next time…

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