A Belated TBT

With everything I have going on, this writer / poet hasn’t been able to do a Throwback Thursday in months. I was asked when I would do another one so I thought I’d do a quick one today. I pulled a few items from a treasure chest of items that my parents and older sisters handed down to me. On a few of my pictures, I’ll have a caption or description. Let’s get started. Check out my first Throwback Thursday for the year 2018.

Here are a few pics from my candy striping days when I was in junior high. I had the coolest Nurse Manager and OB-GYN doctor ever! They were so fun to work with as you will see below. We laughed so much and there was never a dull moment. This man was the coolest, most down to earth doctor ever! If my finger is in a picture, I’m covering up identifiable information.

This lady right here was the sweetest Unit Secretary! Always had a smile on her face and just like me, she liked to give hugs! She had the sweetest heart!

How can I forget my Filipina partner in crime! Ah, this woman was so hilarious. Just like everyone else, she always had a smile on her face. We both have the loudest laughs!

Flashback when I had to beg my parents to let me cut my hair! Oh my goodness, this high school junior didn’t know how to act! I was so happy! Check out that grin! This was right when I was in the beginnings of a late growth spurt while running track. Everyone was taller than me for the longest time SMH…

Aye! What y’all know about this?

How’s that for a Throwback?

Some memories you can’t help but to look back on and smile. I just did.

Until next time…

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