Natural Hair and the Workplace

Hello how’s it going? I hope that each of you are doing well. I’m a little late with this post so forgive me because I was supposed to blog about this two weeks ago.

I was asked to blog about my natural hair experiences within the workplace and to give my own thoughts on being natural within the workplace. Let me begin by saying that I have never experienced any of the negativity that some Black women with natural hair have experienced. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the area or job market, but my personal experiences have been positive.

In the past, I would wear my hair in twist outs or braid outs and I would even straighten my hair a couple times a year. The only thing I didn’t like were the constant hands in my head because I have so much of hair and it’s very long. I have never been turned down for a job because of my natural hair and I have never been asked to change my natural hair or style.

When I’m invited to speak or participate in seminars, I’m always complimented on my natural hair. Mind you, these seminars and speaking engagements are hosted and attended by predominantly White people. They are more intrigued by my style of choice and my hair’s length more than anything.

Lately I’ve been wearing my natural hair in a high puff at work and a few times I had my hair in box braids and crochet braids for a few weeks. Not once have I been asked to straighten my hair, to take my braids out or to even change my hairstyle. If anything, I’m given compliments like all my other jobs.

As far as being natural within the workplace, I have no complaints. Being natural makes me stand out and I love it because I enjoy being different. For the women whose experiences are not as positive as mine, my heart goes out to you.

Until next time…

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