You know that amazing feeling you get once you have accomplished something big? How would you describe it? How would you relay such feelings? One word comes to my mind in my situation and that one word is jubilation.

noun: jubilation; plural noun: jubilations
a feeling of great happiness and triumph.

We all have encountered setbacks in our lives, some of us more than others, but what you do when such situations arise and how you view those temporary hindrances largely depends on you. Remember, no one can make you give up, only YOU can do such a thing to yourself…

You are a lot stronger than you think and it is true, great strength comes in your darkest and lowest of moments. How would I know? Because I am speaking from experience. Now I have feelings of jubilation and it feels pretty good as I continue to accomplish all the things I have set my heart upon.

Until next time, stay strong, hold your head up high and don’t you ever give up! I am cheering you on and so are many others.


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