My mother is an incredible woman! She has went through things that were unimaginable and has overcome many odds due to her indomitable spirit. My mother is a survivor in more ways than one and she is the strongest woman I know. Hands down. Hardworking, honest and yes, she is beautiful both inside and out.

When it comes to her strength, durability and determination, I aim to display those very same qualities as her. The things she has experienced is enough to make anyone bitter, hateful, resentful or spiteful, but my mother is none of those things. She is as warm as she is both loving and kind. Not to mention, she has an amazing sense of humor!

I learned how to be the strong, yet passionate woman that I am from her; even though I am misunderstood at times. The one thing she has always told me and my siblings is to never allow anyone to make us feel inferior or insignificant. Why? Because we are all amazing individuals in our own right. Writing is just one of the many outlets I use to reflect that.

Until next time, keep being great!

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