More Questions!

Good Evening wonderful people! I hope to find you doing well on this Wednesday evening. We are getting closer and closer to Friday. Isn’t that awesome?! Of course it is!

I was tasked a few questions to respond to on my blog from a post I made last year entitled My Biggest Struggle. For those of you who are new to my blog, you can read that post here. I have always invited readers to email me with questions they may have because I want readers to feel comfortable with me. That’s what makes my blog so different.

In all seriousness, writers, authors, poets and bloggers love it when interested readers have amazing questions for them. It makes our day! So with all that being said, let’s dive right into it.

1. Do you have any regrets? Yes. If so, how do cope with them. By making sure that I never stoop to such a low and despicable level again.

2. Do you ever find yourself wanting to lose your temper? Yes, but it’s extremely rare.

3. What’s the one thing that may cause you to revert and lose your temper? If someone puts their hands on me. If someone puts their hands on me while we are in the middle of an argument or disagreement, all bets are off. They won’t know what hit them. Size and gender makes no difference to me.

4. What’s your biggest achievement? I haven’t lost my temper in over 10 years and I feel mighty proud! Prayer has been my biggest helper without a doubt. Second to that is my ability to tune people out. It drives my family and friends crazy sometimes because I can be in a room full of people and not hear a thing. I will sometimes do that if I’m tired, annoyed or I just don’t care to listen LOL. Another trait that I get from my beloved late father.

5. How do you think most people view you considering your past struggles with your temper? Most people see me as kindhearted, giving, witty and honest because in reality I am despite my past temper struggles. If you are a person who wears a facade, is sneaky, deceitful, hateful and / or the like, then you won’t necessarily care for me. Being outright mean to a person is not my style, but I will keep you at a distance and you’ll know it.

Until next time…

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