Georgia Douglas Johnson

Hmmm? Does that name sound familiar? If you are into poetry as much as you are into writing like I am, that name is quite familiar to you. For those of you who have never heard of Georgia Douglas Johnson, she was a well-known African American poet who was a giant during the Harlem Renaissance era.


Born to a mother who was African American and Native American and a father who was African American and British, Georgia Douglas Johnson’s poetry touched on issues such as gender equality, motherhood, femininity and of course, race. She is well-known for her poem The Heart of Woman  which was published in 1918, but I like the poem she penned entitled Motherhood the most. That particular poem is so profound and it is deep on so many levels. It is nothing like I ever read before which is why I wanted to share it with you. Her choice of words and the way she threaded them really makes you think…


Do you see what I mean? Wow!  Poems that make you think and feel on a deeper level are hard to be forgotten. If you are not a deep thinker, you may not have caught on to what Georgia Douglas Johnson was getting at when she penned this poem. Read it a second or third time and I am sure you will get it then.

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