It’s Been a While

Good Evening Everyone! I hope that you are doing well. It’s been a while since I posted a little poetry and I wanted to post a poem that I came across tonight. It’s by a young lady who goes by the name of Ms. Moem and she is from the UK. If you ask me, poetry in itself is powerful, soulful and incredible! Poetry is so profound…

Without further ado, here’s a poem by Ms. Moem. I can relate to this poem. After you read it, can you? Seeing how we’re ALL imperfect and make mistakes, I think we ALL can.

Regret Poem

Mistakes are life’s greatest teacher. If you make a mistake, the best two things you can do is learn from it and grow from it. Try your very best (if at all possible) not to repeat the same mistake twice.

Until next time…

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