It’s Not Necessary

Hate that is. I look within my own family that is full of and made up of different races and ethnicities. I can’t imagine how anyone can hate them based solely on their race. If I dislike you, I dislike you because of your character. Not because of your race. Hate doesn’t have a place in my heart because I won’t allow it. I dislike disgusting things and hate to me is a disgusting thing along with racism and prejudice just to name a few…

As a woman of color, I’m used to being disliked based on my color and a lot of times its due to insecurities and jealousies. Some unfortunately are afraid of seeing a person of color do better than them and it gnaws at them down to their very bones. They make it painfully obvious and you can’t help but to feel sorry for them. Despite their efforts to try and hold you back, you continue to thrive and rise and they can’t understand why. It’s not for them to understand…

Hate is not necessary because life is too short and too precious to be overruled by hate. Focus on bettering you and others because it will lead to beautiful opportunities and an incredible peace of mind. As I anticipate the wonderful things that are coming to me, I wish the very same for you. It is true, when you do good, good things come to you. Forget about hate and those who aim to retaliate. It’s not necessary and besides, you are much better than that.

Until next time…keep being awesome!

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