Like Family

Whenever people see pictures of all my close friends, they are often shocked to see just how diverse my friends are. Many, I assume, expect me to have only Black friends. Comments such as:

“How do you have so many Asian and Middle Eastern friends?”


“I didn’t know you had those many White friends.”

And my personal favorite….

“How did you get to have so many Hispanic friends?”

I guess having such a diverse group of friends is unusual or odd. Not for me…

I wasn’t raised to have just one racial group of friends. Me and my siblings were raised to have a diverse group of friends and let me tell you, we are all like Family. When we get together, we draw attention like honey does to a bee. Why? Because even now people are shocked to see such a diverse group of people laughing, hugging and loving on one another.

I can’t imagine my life without them because they are always there when I need them and vice versa. Those on the outside focus on our race and color; we just see each other as both friends and family.

Until next time…

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