The Jokes On You!

This writer loves her family. We can “crack on each other” or “talk smack” about each other without getting bent out of shape over it. We are quick with it and quick witted and I wouldn’t want it any other way! Today was my turn to burn and lemme tell you, they was “going in” on me about procrastinating.

I’m not a big procrastinator, but sometimes I do wait until the last minute to get “some” things done. Things that I know I can get done with no problem. You see, everyone’s definition of being late is not the same LOL…

So to all my wonderful kinfolk, you had your run earlier and now it’s my turn. Click here to see just how I feel and make sure your sound is on. You may have to watch it more than once to catch my sarcasm LMBO! Cousin Nita is still gonna do what she do! KMSL!

Until next time…

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