You Get What You Give

Good Evening! I hope that each of you are doing well. I was asked during an author Q&A if I’ve experienced any shame with sharing some of my past writing failures and setbacks as an independent writer. Is that not an awesome question? I think it is. Here is my answer: No.

You see, I was always taught that you get back what you put out. In other words, you get what you give. I don’t mind sharing some of my past failures if it will keep someone else from making the same mistakes. You can’t expect for wonderful things happen or blessings to come your way if you aren’t trying to help others along the way.

When you are genuinely honest about helping others along the way, you will begin to see doors open for you in due time. There are going to be some people in your life who are going to hope for your downfall, some may try to hold you back in other inconspicuous ways. Others may even try to act like they are happy for you when in actuality they are not. The best thing you can do with people like that is to keep being kind as you continue to pursue your dreams and goals.

If you don’t remember anything else from tonight’s blog post, remember this:

That’s straight from the mouth of BookingAnita aka A.L. Gibson. In a few more weeks The Chronicles of Neffie… that’s all I’ll say for now…

Until next time…

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