Take Note

Good Evening and Happy Evening to you all! I’m coming to you this evening with the intention of inspiring other fellow writers, specifically independent writers. So keep reading…

What I want you to do after you read tonight’s post is to keep this post in the back of your mind. Not only that, I want you to also take note of my current sales rank on all outlets where The Chronicles of Neffie is available. There is a reason why I’m saying all this so keep reading…

You see, in 6-8 weeks, The Chronicles of Neffie sales are going to take off. Unfortunately, I can’t share further details until later, but I want to show independent writers that slow sales don’t matter when you believe in what you do and have people who believe in you too!

If you believe that you can do it, then you will do it, but you have to first believe in yourself. I’m rooting for you, but most importantly, I hope that you are rooting for yourself too! You owe it to yourself and the millions of readers out there looking for the next great story.

Until next time…

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