Writers Write and Unite!

You know what I enjoy the most about being a writer? Working with other writers. Our levels of creativity may differ, but our goal is the same and that is to entertain. I would go even further to say that we also want to inspire. I’m rooting for all writers to be successful and to reach their full writing potential. There’s enough room for us to shine in our own special way.

In a couple of weeks, The Chronicles of Neffie sales are going to take off. I can’t expand on the details just yet, but stay tuned. For you independent writers out there, don’t fret if your sales start off slow. Mingle and network like you have never before! In due time, your book is sure to take off. I know because I’m speaking from experience.

Man, my Father was right. The Chronicles of Neffie is something special! To all the readers out there, this author likes to see your ratings, but I also want to hear from you too. I like to read your thoughts behind your rating. Speaking of ratings, I’m pretty close to a 4.3! I’ll probably faint if I get to a 4.4 or a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Lmbo! I ain’t lying!

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