Oh, The Irony!

I recently saw a documentary for Black History month and there was a snippet shown on a man by the name of Craig Cobb. I had never heard of that man until then and what I saw made me laugh my butt off. Don’t worry, I’m going to post the video at the end so keep reading.

Craig Cobb is a well-known White Supremacist from Canada who had undergone an ancestry test to prove how pure he is. He hates Black people, no he despises Black people (his words) and he was confident he didn’t have any African ancestry. Um, let’s just say for a White person, his percentage of African ancestry is pretty high!

I can’t determine which is funnier, his facial expression realizing that he has a good bit of African ancestry, or the Black lady cackling next to him. Priceless! More and more White people are finding out that they have African ancestry. You have to keep in mind that millions of Black people passed for White and married Whites so….

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