My heart is really full at the moment and I am feeling grateful and thankful for being able to write The Chronicles of Neffie. I was not sure how readers would react to a novel series that is centered around a young slave girl’s life, but to my surprise, a good number of readers have fallen in love with Neffie. Those who already finished reading The Chronicles of Neffie are anxiously waiting to read more of her in the second novel series! That right there warms my heart.

Chronicles of Neffie FRONT-BACK-SPINE_6 x 9-1.jpg

Yesterday, I noticed that The Chronicles of Neffie was added on Goodreads Unforgettable Characters list on Listopia. That almost brought me to tears because I am on a list with some “heavy hitter” authors. Click here to see for yourself. Not bad for a book that was just released on February 2nd.

Next month, I am planning an unforgettable author meet and greet for The Chronicles of Neffie and I cannot wait. I have invited my family, friends and even a few of my work colleagues to come join me. Writing this first novel series has been an unforgettable experience and I cannot wait to see what more this book has in store.


Until next time…keep writing!

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