Ancestry Follow-Up

Seeing how I’m going to be pretty focused on my first novel series The Chronicles of Neffie for the next couple of weeks, I wanted to do a quick follow-up on some questions posed to me. I’m trying to knock as many of these out before this coming Thursday.

Since receiving my ancestry estimate from MyHeritage, I have come to realize that for African Americans, tracing our roots can be complex. That is why I didn’t want to rely on one test. I wanted to see if two other reputable testing facilities came up with the same results. That way I can be sure for the most part that my ancestry is what it is.

So far, I am mostly Nigerian and I still have a good amount of West African, Central African and Kenyan ancestry! However, my overall African percentage has decreased due to an increased amount of Middle Eastern and Balkan ancestry. My Native American ancestry has also dwindled some because of an increase in my Middle Eastern and Balkan results.

I must say that I’m happy to find out more about my ancestry and the cultures intertwined within them. It’s amazing to know just where and who I came from. One thing is for sure, now I know where I get my love of drums from. Drums are a pivotal part of music in African, Native American, Middle Eastern and Balkan cultures. Go figure, huh? I got it honest you can say…

See pictures below from other regions that make up my African ancestry.

Happy writing, blogging and reading! To all you writers out there, write that story of yours! See you back here in another week!

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