MyHeritage DNA Results Video

A few days ago, I got an email stating my ancestry results were ready. It took a little longer due to some errors per MyHeritage. That is NOT something you want to tell a person like me because now I’m questioning some of my results. It’s a good thing I bought this test on sale during Black Friday or else I would’ve been upset.

One of the things I was hoping to have was a large percentage of African ancestry. That was my sole reason for doing an ancestry test. According to MyHeritage, I have a beautiful mixture of African ancestry as you will see in the video which made me very happy. I found it odd that MyHeritage didn’t pick up my Native American ancestry, but when I uploaded my raw DNA data to two other reputable sites for comparison, they did. Hmmmm???

I have a small amount of European ancestry, but to my surprise I have a good bit of Middle Eastern ancestry. As a matter of fact, the other tests showed that I have much more Middle Eastern ancestry than Native American ancestry! Now that was a shock because no one in my family knew anything about having Middle Eastern ancestors.

So, are you ready to see what MyHeritage estimated my African ancestry to be? Turn your sound on and click here. I’ll be blogging about this again in future because now this has opened up some more questions about my ancestry.

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4 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Results Video”

  1. My sister recently did a DNA test, she was shocked and a little confused by some of the results but overall it was very interesting to see.

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