My African Parts

Soooooooo, I have my ancestry results back from MyHeritage and I must say that I am surprised. I am a little leary of my results because MyHeritage stated that my testing took a little longer due to some possible “errors.” Nevertheless, I am going to believe my African ancestry estimate for the simple fact that it is a high percentage!

Seeing how I uploaded my raw data for comparison to a few other reputable sites (which I will blog about later), I hope that my African estimate will increase instead of decrease. Can you guess what regions in Africa make up my African ancestry? Where do you think I am largely from?

Here is one final tidbit that was a shock to me as a writer and my family: I have ancestry from the East and it is a percentage that took me and my family by surprise. Wow is all I can say. I will share my results this coming Saturday so stay tuned. I am loving my African parts!

Happy reading and writing!

Until next time…

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