(Almost) Every Black Woman’s Nostalgia 

Ask any Black woman who isn’t “tender headed” or had a Mama that wasn’t “heavy handed” , what they looked forward to the most as a child? An overwhelming amount of Black women would say “getting their hair did.” Whether it was by their Mama, Grandmama, Auntie or Madea, it was something most of us looked forward to.

You know those memories when you were called to sit on the floor in between their legs while they watched their favorite TV show as they scratched and greased your scalp. I’m telling you, it’s one of the best feelings in the world! For me, it was either Good Times, The Cosby Show, Showtime at the Apollo, or some other 70s or 80s show playing on the television when it was my turn.

When you were getting your hair styled, you knew it was gonna be either twisted, plaited, braided, beaded or corn rowed! For my Mama, it was the style that would last the longest! Braids won most of the time and when she didn’t feel like fighting with all our hair because me and my sisters have A LOT, she would twist it up and send us on our way LOL!

What I loved the most about those moments was the time, care and above all else the love my Mama put in our hair. This is something that has been passed on from generation to generation and if you take note of the styles, it’s clear to see where it came from: our  African ancestors. The designs and time spent to make our hair look beautiful and different is something to be grateful for and cherished.

Memories like this is almost every Black woman’s nostalgia which is why even when we are grown, we still love to get our scalp scratched and greased. For my non-Black followers and subscribers, click hereherehere and here to see exactly what I’m talking about. Enjoy! 

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