And Another One! 

To all my fellow writers, authors, poets and bloggers…please keep writing! Give it your best and do not give up! I am coming to you tonight to let you know that The Chronicles of Neffie has been picked up for two more additional reviews! This comes almost three weeks before it’s release!

My heart is so full right now. Everything I had hoped for this novel is slowly becoming a reality. Stay focused, write your heart out and do not become disheartened when setbacks arise. Remember, it is easy to give up, but real strength comes from hanging in there when people expect for you to quit. 

This Saturday, I will be posting links to where you can preorder your copy and on Sunday, I will give five readers a chance to win a free signed paperback copy of The Chronicles of Neffie. So stay tuned, stay focused and keep writing my fellow writers!

Until next time… 

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