The Angry Black Woman 

The Angry Black Woman. I’m sure many of us have heard this metaphor before. As a Black woman, I can relate to some of the recent articles publishedThe Angry Black Woman metaphor (for those of you who may not know) is commonly used to describe Black women as loud, angry, argumentative and defensive. How sad seeing how most Black women are actually the complete opposite. The Angry Black Woman is just another negative stereotype being perpetuated as true.

I will never forget an experiment that was shown in my Sociology class in college. Six women from different racial backgrounds were lined up in a video and given several statements to read out loud in the same tone of voice. When a group of 120 surveyors were asked who they thought were defensive, 97% picked the Black woman. When asked why, they stated it’s because the Black woman looked and sounded angry. Unbelievable.

I can’t tell you how many times I myself have made a statement or suggestion within the workplace and it was taken the wrong way. I always get so tickled when someone White makes the same or almost similar statement as I have and it’s well received or applauded. Go figure, yet its to be expected. So many Black women’s confidence or directness gets mistaken for defensiveness and I find that absolutely ridiculous.

One thing I will never do is apologize for the woman that I am and I will not be made to feel less than someone else just because my skin happens to be darker. Just because my personality happens to be different from yours, that does not mean I am defensive or argumentative. Besides, there are angry, defensive women in all races, not just Black.

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