Gnarly Fast Foods 

Good Evening everyone and welcome to the third installment of “Things Anita Will NOT Eat.” Well, technically this is my third blog post answering questions from readers about foods I will or will not eat. I had to put a spin on it to make it interesting. Trying to play “catch up” with my emails so let’s get to it!

Gnarly Fast Foods in 3,2,1…

McDonald’s Chicken Mcnuggets: Nope! I will not eat this abomination of a chicken nugget. It smells weird and looks weird on the inside. I know what chicken looks like and that ain’t chicken. Tried them once when I was 8 and that’s been over 20 years ago. The taste was atrocious and nauseating! 😷 They made my bottom lip quiver like something terrible!

Sonic Burgers: I have given them chance after chance to make me a burger that WAS NOT soggy and sloppy, but they failed me every time. They should stick to drinks, malts and shakes. They nail THAT every time.

Krystal Burgers: Gutter trash. Pure gutter trash is all I have to say.

Jack’s: I like nothing from there. Not even the fries. Got sick twice trying to try their food. Never again.

Milo’s Burgers: I love their tea! Their burgers? Not so much. I don’t care for that extra flap of meat they put on their burgers either. They can keep that…

Alright, there you have it. See, that wasn’t so bad. Don’t say I never gave you anything. 😉

Until next time…

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2 thoughts on “Gnarly Fast Foods ”

  1. I agree with every choice! I think Sonic drinks and shakes are the best…especially during Happy Hour! However, their burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches are like eating soggy cardboard! I can’t figure what is so difficult about making a good grilled cheese!!

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