Neffie’s Review from Midwest Review! 

Today I received my review from Midwest Review on my first novel series The Chronicles of Neffie! I literally had to pull over when I heard my email notification and saw that the email was from them. My heart was pounding so hard as I opened the email and saw the following text: “Please find a draft copy of my review of your book below my name.” 


Tears began form and puddle as I read the following text below.

This is a big deal to receive a good review from Midwest Review. To have it publicized in their February 2018 issue is one of the best rewards an independent writer like myself can have. That also happens to be Black History month! She even went further and said they were going to send it to Cengage Learning for it to be indexed! Do you know how serious that is?! Google Cengage Learning!

All I want to say to all the writers out there is to never stop writing. Write what moves you and write what is NOT of the norm. So what if your story may strike a few cords, that is what a good story should do! It should affect a reader emotionally in some way and stay with them long after they read it. I can’t wait to post a link to her full finalized review when their February issue is released so stay tuned.

Neffie, WE did it! We still have some more work to do in terms of getting you out there, but this just gave us a huge head start! Stay tuned next week for pre-order dates and your chance to win a signed paperback copy! Humbled, I’m so humbled by this…

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