What Is Your (Writing) Truth? 

Do you play it safe when it comes to your writing or are you not afraid to step outside of the box? Writing to me is not always about “appeasing” other people when it comes to the stories I write. Yes, I want to entertain you, but not at the expense of falsifying truths. If you have a heart-stopping story to tell, I say tell it! Your story could inspire so many people.

My writing is centered around the African and Native American experience because that is a part of me. You know enough to already know the tragic, unfortunate circumstances and history of African and Native Americans. Why on earth would I try to sugar coat that? Millions of people from various different backgrounds are intrigued by our struggles, our strong will to overcome and rise above racism. And we cannot forget how our culture and music has a huge influence.

My writing truths involves writing from the heart and the experiences of my people. If that bothers you, well I cannot help you because I will never stop sugar coating our truths. When people ask me,  how are you so strong? I tell them it’s because of my faith, my family and my people who came before me. 

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