Nothing To It 

For all you writers and bloggers out there, what’s your pen game? We all have our different ways of expressing our creativity in writing and if you ask me, I think that’s absolutely wonderful! What may work for one writer might not work for the next one. Regardless of your pen game, your writing is a form of art. 

When it comes to my pen game, I’ll think of a story I want to write, the names of my characters and once I have all that, I’ll grab my laptop and start typing. Writing it all out and then turning around to type it all up just doesn’t work for me. I’m one of those writers where I can type a few chapters in one sitting. I’m not too concerned about spelling until I’ve typed up my first draft. That’s when some serious editing and formatting takes place.

If I get a little writer’s block, I’ll step away for a while to give my mind a little rest. I don’t like to force it because that will just agitate me. Whatever it is that gets your pen game going, I say keep at it until you hone your craft. Make that story of yours great!

Until next time, keep your pen game strong! 

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