For the Bowed Legged Women

We bowed legged women go through it don’t we? Let this writer vent for a minute. Some people can’t help themselves from lurking and looking hard at bowed legged women! In my personal experience, it’s the worst for me when I wear jeans. I never wear tight jeans, only fitted jeans. That’s why I wear longer shirts at work and a girdle sometimes because I had a bad experience years ago at one of my jobs. Seriously, I can’t help how I’m built!

I posted an older picture because I can’t tell my fellow bowed legged women how many times both men and women have stopped me to say: “You look like you been riding horses ’cause you so bowed legged.” It happened again today while I was shopping! Who does that? Now that’s disrespectful. 

I for one ain’t ashamed of being bowed legged, but I do wish some people will control themselves. Some folks need to calm down. Bowed legged women are like any other woman except for our wide stance and walk. Some people really need to think before they speak. I said it once and I’ll say it again, there’s beauty in being different.

Until next time…. 

2 thoughts on “For the Bowed Legged Women

  1. Yup. Both parents are bowlegged so I never stood a chance. The horses comment was funny when I was a kid. It’s a lady at my new job who goes out of her way to tell me “hey lil bowlegged girl” everyday. I don’t know her lol

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