Susan Still 

Susan Still is a human rights activist who became well known for escaping her abusive marriage. Some of you may remember her interview and story on 20/20. If you recall, her story sent waves of anger because her husband video taped her abuse. She was forced to stand there and take his verbal and physical abuse while he degraded her.

Susan stated on 20/20 that life with her husband didn’t start out that way. He was loving, kind and considerate. When he lost his job and she became the sole bread winner, that is when he became hateful, spiteful and jealous. He often accused Susan of having affairs and would critcize her looks. How sad because she said that she loved him deeply. 

After almost 22 years of severe physical, mental and emotional abuse, Susan found the strength and the courage to leave him before he killed her. In the end, he was sentenced to 36 years in prison which you can watch here. You will see in the clip towards the end how emotional the Judge was regarding Susan and her years of abuse.

I was so happy to see that she is thriving and doing well after appearing on Oprah’s Where are they now. Click here and here to see just how far she has come. I hope the same for the millions of other women who are also in abusive relationships. I wish nothing but the best to Susan Still and the millions of other people trapped in an abusive relationship. 

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