Conversations of Race in the Workplace 

This morning I had a conversation with a colleague at work regarding my ancestry test I submitted. He’s White and as you know, I’m Black and of Native American descent. I have no issue talking about race because I have friends from various racial backgrounds and we talk about race quite often. That’s the beauty of having a variety of friends from different backgrounds and cultures!

Any who, he asked why I would be devastated if I was less than 60% Black. As we laughed and talked a little, I mentioned that 60% to me is like “failing” as a Black person. I have it in my mind that regardless of my results, I’ll continue to see myself as a Black woman of Native American descent.

With that being said, I would still be a little bothered if I have a large amount of White ancestry. Why? Because studies have shown that Black people with a high percentage of White ancestry had many relatives who were products of slave rape.

I sincerely hope my DNA ancestry will NOT reflect that. That would bother me in ways you cannot imagine. Let it be like 1% or 2% European ancestry. Its bad enough my ancestors were slaves, but to know that many of them were raped and were products of rape is just plain heartbreaking.

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