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One of the things I enjoy about my blog is using it as a platform to educate, entertain and promote my written works. It keeps my blog interesting and because of that, readers often come back for more. I had some readers outside of the United States inquire about the horrors of slavery. They read about it, but never seen any pictures.

Well, I found some and the images below are not for the faint of heart. DO NOT scroll down if you can’t handle it. You have been warned…

Branding: Branding was used by slave owners to mark their slaves in the event they tried to runaway or if another slave owner tried to steal them. It was a painful practice because it involved heating the iron brand and pressing it deep into a slave’s flesh until it left a deep burning mark. Most slaves had to be held down because of the excruciating pain.

Whips: Whips were used to punish and scare slaves. A variety of whips were made out of different materials, the most horrific one of all was the steel wire whip because it would cut chunks of flesh away each time it was struck against a slave’s back.

Torture: Many slaves were tortured in the most inhumane ways. Some died, but most lived. The slaves who survived were left with the most barbaric scars and unimaginable pain. These are the toughest to look at…

These are the “soft” images of slavery because I didn’t want to post anything too graphic. Think these are bad? You haven’t seen NOTHING! When someone says that I should forget about slavery, that is like telling me to forget about my ancestors  and what they went through. If you can sit around and talk about your family and your history, why can’t I talk about mine?

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