One of the Funniest

One of the Funniest!

I was watching a TV One documentary on Martin Lawrence, one of the funniest men in show business. Martin got his start as a comedian doing stand up comedy for Def Jam  before making it big on television and in movies. Who can forget him playing Sheneneh or how him and Pam would always go at it on his self-titled show Martin.

It was revealed that one of my favorite episodes, the one where he interrogated his friends with a fake stuffed dog, was the hardest to film. Why? Because everyone had a hard time keeping a straight face. The audience didn’t make it any better because their laughter was out of control. You can clearly see here how hard it was for Martin and Tommy not to laugh. KMSL!

Who can forget the episode when Martin goes on a “health kick” and finally breaks down when Gina makes him his favorite food? Click here to reminisce LOL.

One things for sure, Martin Lawrence is one of a kind. Clearly there is no one like him. There’s not enough time for me to post every hilarious clip of him out there, but here is one more from when he played Big Mama

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