It’s Complicated 

Good Evening wonderful people! I sincerely hope that each of you are doing well. I’ve been tied up quite a bit with my first novel series The Chronicles of Neffie, but in between that time I’m still able to answer some of your questions.

When I posted about doing an ancestry test to find out what all my African ancestry consists of, a few of you had some questions about a statement I made. I had stated that I didn’t want to be 60% or less Sub-Saharan African because if it turns out that I am, I would be devastated. I want to be at least 80% or more. With me saying that, I was asked if I would be upset if I were to find that I have White ancestry. Good question. My answer to that is twofold.

Here’s the thing: White ancestry is going to be a given in most Black people living in America. For many such as myself, having that bit of ancestry is a little disturbing and heartbreaking. Why? Because as Black people, we know the sad circumstances into which it got there – – > slavery and rape. No need in me sugar coating it. It’s the truth. No need to lie. Some truths hurt…

As far as being upset by any White ancestry, I won’t be upset per se, but I will be a little annoyed by it. If you aren’t Black, then you won’t be able to relate to how I and the majority of Black people feel in regards to this. Even with me saying that, that doesn’t mean I hate Europeans / White people. If you are a good person regardless of your race and care for your fellow man, then you are good in my book. 

Until next time… 

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