I Just Might… 

So, I just received my MyHeritage kit in the mail yesterday and now I’m nervous. Let me first clarify something I had mentioned in a previous blog post. I had stated that I was “awaiting my results” but that statement was not correct. What I should have said was that I was awaiting for my test kit to arrive. Now, that statement sounds much better than the other. I don’t know what I was thinking…

Now that I have cleared that up, I’ve been thinking about video taping my results once they have been received since this was asked of me. I just might do it if I don’t talk myself out of it. I have to be straight up with you, if my results show that I’m 60% or less Sub-Saharan African, I will be devastated. No, I will be crushed! I want it to be AT LEAST 80% or more. Just being honest.

One thing I’m excited about is finding out what parts of Africa my ancestry is made up of. Ghana? Nigeria? Congo? Benin/Tongo? Ah,  the excitement is just too much. I would love to have my results before the release of The Chronicles of Neffie. Like seriously! Now don’t count me out, I might just record my reaction to my ancestry results. I just might…

Let there be excitement and no disappointment.

Until next time… 

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3 thoughts on “I Just Might… ”

  1. How much does this kit cost? Do they have good reviews for testing? Do they test for Native American DNA? I know they don’t have a lot of Native American DNA to test against but I am looking for the best company.


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