Wednesday Motivation 

Good morning on this cool and chilly Wednesday! I was asked what gets me going in the morning seeing how I am not much of a morning person. For me, it is all about positive thoughts. What you feed into your mind will reflect you and affect you. So with that being said, here is some positivity for you… 

Rise and shine and do your best each and every day. Impact those you meet in a positive way. Treat everyone with kindness and respect because you never know what a person may be going through. It takes a lot of energy to be hateful and spiteful so do not waste your time being negative. Showing kindness and love comes naturally. Makes sense since we were created by a God of love. Love is His dominant quality which means it is also ours. Spread love and peace so we can help eliminate some (if not all) of this hate.

Stay safe everyone and have a happy Wednesday! As I always say, a positive mind leads to positive vibes. 

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