As I await the results of my ancestry test, I find myself wondering about my Sub-Saharan African percentage. I won’t lie to you, I want it to be alot, but DNA in itself can be very tricky. To ease my mind, I started goggling ancestry DNA results and stumbled across two videos that I will share here.

Most people, like myself at one point in time, believed that the darker the person the more “African” they are. That’s not entirely true. Charles Barkley and Snoop Dogg had a DNA test to see who is “Blacker” and the results were actually pretty close! I decided to order my ancestry kit from My Heritage and I will have my results in 6-8 weeks. After doing a little research, I decided to go with My Heritage since it was more detailed than 23andme. I was asked if I would do a reaction video of my results, but I’m not too sure about that.

So, who’s “Blacker” ? Snoop Dogg or Charles Barkley? See for yourself.

Click here for Charles Barkley. Results begin at the 1:55 mark…

Click here for Snoop Dogg.

Click here for Tamera Mowry’s emotional DNA reveal.

Until next time… 

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