Here’s Neffie! 

Good Evening! Happy Evening to you all on this chilly Sunday in my neck of the woods. As promised, I am posting a blurb from my first novel series The Chronicles of Neffie. It seems only right to share some of the excitement with you as I await the rest of my editorial / literary reviews and it’s release.

The Chronicles of Neffie is not for the faint of heart so I do want to go ahead a put that out there. Seeing how this is loosely inspired by my Great, Great Grandmother’s life as a slave, the subject matter and dialogue is not for the thin skinned. As an African American woman who is a descendant of slaves, I felt that it was important to show just how devastating slavery was and to give a voice to those who can no longer speak. It was a privilege for me to tell this story and I am happy to be able to share some of it with you tonight.

The Chronicles of Neffie tells the story of a fifteen year old slave girl, Neffie and her life as a slave in the deep south of Alabama. Neffie’s owner is Massa Sanderson, an arrogant man who seems to have no concern whatsoever for the slaves under him, especially Neffie. Because of his unnatural fixation and obsession towards Neffie, Massa Sanderson goes out of his way to make Neffie’s life miserable.

Not one to be easily broken, Neffie sets her sights on removing herself from under Massa Sanderson and his domineering ways. Neffie’s desire to be free is what drives her and she soon begins to take steps towards obtaining her freedom. Neffie has two choices. Runaway or stay. If you were in her shoes, which would you choose? 

What will come of Neffie? You will have to wait and see. Stay tuned for it’s release, the remaining literary / editorial reviews and when you will be able to pre-order your copy.

Until next time… 

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