The Beauty of Honesty 

I was recently asked if my honesty has affected me negatively in my life. My answer to that question is Yes. I was also asked if I think my honesty has held me back in life. My answer to that question is also Yes. Last but not least, I was asked if I regret my being honest. My answer to that question is NoHere is why…

When you are honest despite the pressure to lie or to conform, you are showing that you are one incredible individual! Your honesty proves that you have a mind of your own and that you are not afraid to tell the truth even if it puts you at a distance or at a disadvantage. Do you want to know something even more interesting? When you are honest, those around you will inevitably show just who they really are. Just watch….

So many people are naive to think that lying will take you far in life. Sure, maybe to an extent, until it all comes crumbling down and it will eventually. It always does. I have witnessed so many people dig ditches for themselves because they are trying to cover one lie over another lie and so on and so forth. I sleep well at night knowing that I have not sold seeds of lies and that to me is a thing of beauty. A clean conscience I tell you is absolutely beautiful!

If those around you cannot accept your level of honesty, do not sweat it. Some people just enjoy being lied to. Others simply cannot handle the truth. Some people even get mad at the truth. Even with that being said, you keep on being the honest you.

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