Neffie Is Making Her Mark! 

This writer is humbled by the growing interest in my first novel series The Chronicles of Neffie. I have readers already messaging me about when it will be available despite not receiving all of my pending literary / editorial reviews. This is largely due to my Readers’ Favorite 5-star review. I cannot imagine the responses I will get when I receive my other editorial / literary reviews that are still pending. I am hoping they too will be 5-star ratings.

I am preparing big time for this novel because I refuse to make the same mistakes I made with my first novel. When you know better, you can do better and I am seeing the proof myself. I had a rough start to my day this morning, but to see the excitement building over my upcoming novel series has brought me a sense of calm.

Stay tuned for a brief synopsis of The Chronicles of Neffie later on this week and how you can win an advanced review copy yourself. Neffie has a story to tell and it is a story unlike any other. 

Until next time…

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