For The Petite Women 

Stereotypes. We can all do without them can’t we? I know this writer / blogger can. As a woman with a small frame, I’m used to getting stereotyped, but most of the time it’s not done to be offensive. So with that being said, I’m going to address my top three petite stereotypes.

1. I thought you would be weak. Yes, I’m sure there are some weak petite women out there, but not all of us are weak. Just ask the men who know me and have seen me in action. There is a reason why they say, “Nita fights like a man. Good luck on trying to knock her out.” Just let that resonate… 

2. I didn’t know you had curves. Yes, I understand that the majority of petite women are not “curvy”, but some of us are. Not all petite women have square hips and a flat butt and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Me personally, I tend to wear longer shirts on the job and a girdle to hide mine. This is something I started doing eight years ago because the attention I was getting on my job at the time was ah, yeah. Not all attention is good attention. Now when I’m all dressed up to go out, THAT is a different story. Chile please…

3. I didn’t think a woman your size liked to eat. KMSL on this one. Keep your salads, fruits and berries LMBO! I may have a few weird eating habits but I LIKES to eat. It never gets old when I’m out a restaurant and order a bunch of food and the people sitting around us are watching to see if I’m going to eat all the food I ordered. The looks on their faces is priceless! Yes muffins, I’m going to eat it ALLLLLLLLL! Ain’t nuthin’ gonna be left but the silverware and the plate it came out on.

Remember folks, not all stereotypes are true LOL. Until next time… 

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23 thoughts on “For The Petite Women ”

  1. I am petite too and yes, I have also been subjected to those prejudices. I can eat a lot if I wanted to which always comes as a surprise to taller friends. Oh and the teasing I get, like, “Where did you get your jeans? At the pre-teens section?” Ugh. People.

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  2. I’m certainly not petite. I’m actually above average in height. But my daughter is petite and I often tease her about it – all in fun of course. I just hate that we are not able to wear each other’s shoes and clothes now that’s she is all grown up.

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