Foodie Habits

Good Evening! How’s it going? I hope all is well on your end. I’m playing “catch up” with my emails so please be patient as I work my way through them. Tonight’s blog post is in response to several emails. Evidently, many of you found it humorous when I blogged about my fears, phobias and foods that I don’t like! KMSL!

Tonight, as requested, I will blog about my weird eating habits. Hey, what can I say? I’m imperfectly human and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Here it goes…

Foodie Habits in 3, 2, 1…

1. I like pot pies, but mainly the crust. I will eat the top part of the crust, a few bits of meat and dump out the rest. The bottom part of the crust is the best which is why I will always eat that last.

2. I like oatmeal cream pies, but only the outer edges. The rest I throw away. The center is too sweet. I know it’s a waste, but I can’t help it. SMH!

3. When I’m eating my favorite chips, I like to let the seasoning / flavor build up on my fingers so I can suck it off. It’s the best! I regret nothing!!!

4. I will only eat shrimp IF it is deveined. Before I order shrimp at a restaurant, I will always ask if they deveined their shrimp. Bookinganita ain’t finna eat that! That’s shrimp poo people! Y’all gone learn today…

5. I like to pour honey roasted peanuts in my Coke. You haven’t lived until you try this. Don’t blame me if you become addicted. You have been warned!

6. Speaking of Coke, I will only drink Coke. I don’t like Pepsi-Cola. It tastes like a flat Coke to me and it’s way too sweet for my liking. Ughhh…

7. I like hot dogs, but I will only eat them grilled. Adding to that, the hot dog has to be a beef hot dog. If I bite into a hot dog and it’s not a beef hot dog, I will immediately spit it out with no shame.

8. I love Good Humor brand strawberry shortcake ice cream bars! When I eat them, I have to eat the outer shortcake crumb coating first before I eat the strawberry center. Yes, that means I nibble all the crumb coating off until there is nothing left. LMBO!

Well, there you have it. As one amazing reader put it, “Your honesty is both refreshing and humorous.” This writer thanks you!

Until next time…

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