Bated Breath 

Book reviews. They are very important for an author. Every author needs them because reviews play a huge role in whether or not a reader will buy your book. With that being said, good reviews are a must. Bad reviews can make or break you and that is the truth.

Here lately, I have been waiting with bated breath on my pending literary reviews for The Chronicles of Neffie. I will be honest, I am about to climb the walls. I am not naive to think that everyone will like my book because I know that someone somewhere will hate it. That is a given and it is to be expected. However, when it comes to literary reviews, that is something serious. I do not want to receive a bad literary review. Noooooooooo! Oh No!

So far, the ones I have received thus far have been good reviews, but not all are back yet. I do not want to hype myself up just yet until I receive ALL of my reviews. I pushed myself like I have never done before to get this story finished in a short period of time (a little over three months) and I can only hope that my efforts will pay off with GOOD literary reviews. This woman is focused and beyond determined on bigger and better things. Can you blame me? 

Until next time… 

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