Sarah E. Goode 

Good Evening to you all. I hope that everyone is still doing well. This will be my last post this evening since I will be busy making preparations for my upcoming novel The Chronicles of Neffie next week. Are you ready to learn something new? Of course you are. Let’s do this! 😉

Sarah E. Goode. Hmmm? Does that name ring a bell? Probably not to most people even though her invention has taken on many shapes throughout the years…

Sarah E. Goode was an African American inventor of what was called during her time a “cabinet bed.” What made her and her invention so significant was the fact that she had it patented. As history has shown, many African Americans invented a lot of things, but due to slavery they were unable to get it patented. The laws at that time allowed the slave masters to receive the credit, the patent and the recognition for the invention rather than the slaves. Why? Because slaves were viewed as property and nothing else. How sad…

Sarah E. Goode’s invention of the cabinet bed would take on new shapes and become what is now known as the Murphy bed. Some credit her invention with the invention of the Pull Out bed since it is from the same concept.

Sarah came up with this idea out of necessity to save on space since most African Americans lived in small or cramped places. Her invention doubled as a desk and a bed like some of the Murphy beds that we see today. You have to admit, that was pretty genius of her to come up with something like that during her time! Go Sarah!

Sarah E. Goode stands out to me for two reasons. One, she looks a lot like my Maternal Great, Great Aunties and two, she held on to her idea and invention long enough to get it patented so no one else would take the credit! She was a smart, smart lady. You cannot blame her for doing that. The next time you think about ordering a Murphy bed or Pull Out bed, think of Sarah E. Goode. Millions owe her chic modern design a lot of thanks for a good night’s rest! 

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25 thoughts on “Sarah E. Goode ”

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  2. She was a genius! Sometimes the greatest inventions are born out of a pressing need. I will have to remember her every time I see a Murphy bed.

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  3. There is so much about her I didn’t know! Such an important historical figure. I always love learning more about history that I never knew. Thanks for sharing this!!

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  4. This is a part of history I had never heard about. What a wonderful invention and to bad she didn’t get the credit that was due her. Sure this happened all the time to people all over.

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